Payday loan of 4000 Euro, fast and without paychecks: estimate online and calculate installment


 All you need to know about 4000 euros payday loans. The characteristics of this type of fast financing that can also be requested by those who are without a paycheck. Let’s see how to request an estimate online through the website of the main banks, in order to calculate the installment and interest.

How to receive a payday loan of 4000 euros fast and without a paycheck

How to receive a payday loan of 4000 euros fast and without a paycheck

Personal loans are loans that meet all customer needs. It is in fact a perfect solution to cope with any expenses, of a more or less high amount. In this page we will deal in particular with payday loans of 4000 euros, which can be very useful for example in case you are organizing a trip or a ceremony, or if you want to buy furniture or you have to face the expenses for the studies of your child. These are just some of the most common purposes for which loans of 4000 euros are requested. In any case it is good to remember that personal loans are non-finalized loans, so they can be requested independently of the project to be implemented.

The first characteristic that is good to consider concerns the ease with which it is possible to have access to the desired credit. In the case of € 4,000 loans, since this is a not particularly large amount, a positive factor is that banks will be more favorable to granting the loan. For this reason in most cases the loan can be requested even without a paycheck, a requirement that is sometimes considered essential. To receive a € 4,000 loan, then you can be employed, retired, but also self-employed or even unemployed. In fact, there are alternative guarantees that can be presented to the credit institution to get a positive response to our request for financing.

In particular, at the time of the request it will be necessary to present a valid identity document, the health card (or social security number), and an income document. Regarding the identity documents there is little to add, except the fact that for the foreign customers the residence permit is also required. More important is instead to dwell on the income document. As with any form of financing, the ideal guarantee that we can present is the paycheck, which can be presented by employees. A similar argument can be made for pensioners, who can receive the loan of 4000 euros desired simply by submitting the last pension slip. As for self-employed workers, the document to be submitted will be the Unique Model for the declaration of income. Obviously the outcome of the request will depend very much on the income received with respect to the repayment installment to be fixed. Finally, with regard to the unemployed, the possible solution is the presentation of a guarantor, who will necessarily possess the economic requirements required to be presented instead of the beneficiary of the loan.

A further advantage of the € 4,000 loans relates to the delivery times. In fact, in most cases it takes only a few hours to get the amount of money requested on the current account. The reason for this characteristic is always the same, namely that it is a not particularly high amount. The fact that a loan is fast is a very important feature, as it makes this product perfect when you are in the situation of having to face an expense with a certain urgency. So if for example you have to go to the mechanic for a car breakdown, or if you have to deal with urgent medical expenses, the ideal solution is that of personal loans of 4000 euros. Finally, as regards the payment, you can also request to receive the money requested in cash, so you have them immediately at your disposal.

Ultranix loan of 4000 euros: free estimate online

Among the major credit institutions to which you can apply for a loan of 4000 euros we find Ultranix. The different financing options offered by the company are described in detail on the website. Among the most relevant information is emphasized for example the fact that to get the desired amount of money only takes 48 hours. A not indifferent advantage, especially if we consider the case in which we need to tackle spending with a certain urgency. In addition to the description of personal loans, the most useful service offered to us by Ultranix on its website is undoubtedly the online simulator. This tool allows us to get a free quote in a few simple clicks. In the table below we have reported the characteristics of all the options proposed by Agos for loans of 4000 euros, with the repayment installment and the interest rates Tan and Taeg applied for each of the available durations.

12 months 345.70 euros 4.92 8.96
24 months € 177.10 4.93 7.71
36 months € 120.90 4.90 7.23
48 months 92.90 euros 4.93 7.01
60 months 76.10 euros 4.93 6.86
72 months € 64.90 4.92 6.74
84 months 57.00 euros 4.95 6.69
96 months € 54.90 6.91 8.69
108 months 50.40 euros 6.94 8.66
120 months € 46.70 6.90 8.56

The duration of Ultranix loans ranges from a minimum of 12 installments up to a maximum of 120 installments. This is undoubtedly a great advantage, but it is good to consider that we are talking about a loan of 4000 euros, for which it is therefore not necessary to choose a particularly large number of installments. In fact, it is immediately clear from the table that, in order to have a rather low repayment installment, it is sufficient to fix a term of 48 months. In fact, this option corresponds to a monthly payment of € 92.90, with Tan 4.93% interest rates and 7.01% Taeg. In order to save on interest, a 24-month repayment can also be reasonable, with monthly repayment installments of 177.10 euro and Tan 4.93% interest rates and 7.71% Taeg.

Astrofinance Payday Loans 4000 euro: calculate installment and online interest

Another of the major banks that can be contacted to receive a € 4,000 loan is Astrofinance. There are several very useful services that are offered by this company to convince a clientele that is as broad as possible. In particular, on the Astrofinance website, we are presented with the Change rada and malta rada option, thanks to which we will have the possibility to change the amount of our installment or skip it in a given month, deciding to carry out the reimbursement of the amount unpaid. Also in this case we are offered the possibility to make a calculation of the installment online thanks to the appropriate calculator. To use it you will not need to register on the site and therefore we can immediately get the estimate based on the parameters chosen by us. The characteristics of the treatment offered for the different durations are shown in the table below, which can be useful to identify at a glance the option that is right for you.

18 months € 235.60 7.47 7.73
24 months 180.00 euros 7.50 7.76
30 months € 146.60 7.47 7.74
36 months 124.40 euros 7.48 7.74
42 months 108.50 euros 7.45 7.71
48 months 96.70 euros 7.49 7.75
54 months € 87.50 7.49 7.76
60 months 80.10 euros 7.47 7.73
66 months 74.10 euros 7.47 7.73
72 months € 69.10 7.46 7.72
78 months € 64.90 7.47 7.73
84 months € 61.30 7.47 7.73

Also in this case the customer has a wide choice regarding the duration of the loan. For loans of 4000 euros it is in fact possible to choose a repayment that goes from 18 to 84 months. The same argument made above is also valid for Astrofinance personal loans, since fixing an excessively high duration determines only the highest interests. An excellent solution to keep a low rate and not to pay too high interest is that which provides for a repayment in 42 installments of 108.50 euros, with interest rates Tan 7.45% and Taeg 7.71%. If you want to save on interest, even at the cost of dealing with higher rates, then the ideal solution for you is the one with minimum duration. Choosing a repayment in 18 installments the amount to be paid monthly will be equal to 235.60 euros, while the interest rates charged will be 7.47% Tan and 7.77% Taeg.

Flesh loan 4000 euros: how to request an online quote

If you are looking for a personal loan of 4000 euros you can not fail to consider the Flesh Loan. This product is offered by InDirect, company always very attentive to the needs of its customers. Suffice it to say that the loan Flesh from 4000 € may be requested at no cost to start and practice management, with the possibility to use the Exchange services and rada malta that we have already talked about earlier. Finally, after receiving the desired loan, it will always be possible to choose the early termination, at no cost or penalty. Let’s see in detail the characteristics of this form of financing, thanks to estimates for all available durations, calculated using the online simulator available on the InDirect website.

12 months 349.71 euros 8.95 10,15
18 months € 238.30 8.95 9,89
24 months 182.65 euros 8.95 9.60
30 months 149.30 euros 8.95 9.55
36 months € 127.11 8.95 9.51
42 months 111.28 euros 8.95 9.49
48 months 99.45 euros 8.95 9.47
54 months 90.26 euros 8.95 9.45
60 months 82.94 euros 8.95 9.44
66 months 76.96 euros 8.95 9.43
72 months 72.00 euros 8.95 9.43
78 months € 67.82 8.95 9.42
84 months € 64.25 8.95 9.41

The € 4000 Flesh Loan has a nominal fixed annual rate of 8.95%, so this is a rather convenient solution from this point of view. As for the duration, it is possible to choose between 12 and 84 months. As always, the choice of duration depends on the needs of the customer, who will make his choice based mainly on the amount of monthly installments. For example, if you want to save money on interest, the option we recommend is the one with a duration of 24 months, with installments of 182.65 euros and interest rates Tan 8.95% and Taeg 9.60%. If you prefer instead to complete the repayment in all serenity with light installments, then you will have to increase the duration of the loan. In any case we advise you not to exceed 60 months for repayment, given that in this case the installment will be equal to 82.94 euros and therefore decidedly affordable, while the interest rates will be Tan 8.95% and Taeg 9, 44%.



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