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Tax deductions 2018 : what expenses can be deducted from the tax return?


This is a question we must ask ourselves when we are preparing to complete the tax return. for clarification

730 model income tax return

For both the Model 730 and the Income Model there are in fact some expenses incurred during the year that can allow us to pay less taxes.

Can mortgages and loans be deducted? The answer is not a dry yes or a no. Some distinctions must be made. Among the eligible expenses between the tax deductions 2018 mortgages and loans fall under specific cases.

We have already explained how the pre-compiled income tax returns with its advantages and risks ( read here ), also listing the main changes in terms of deductible expenses. The next step is understanding, for example, if the loan we pay for the house can allow us to save a little. Or if there are tax deductions for those who have applied for personal loans. 
Let’s make it clear once and for all on loans, mortgages and tax deductions!

The advantages of tax deductions

The advantages of tax deductions

First, however, a clarification. Why is it important to know if mortgages and loans can fall under the 2018 tax deductions? Soon said: tax deductions are the sums of money that each of us has the right to subtract from taxes on income that owes to the State.

The Revenue Agency clarifies each year what the “deductible” expenses are. If we present them at the time of the tax return we will get a tax discount.

Personal loans and tax deductions

Personal loans are not included in the expenses that we can deduct. The reason is simple. A personal loan is requested for private needs, so for tax authorities it does not give the right to any deductions. No reimbursement of interest on the personal loan is envisaged.

However, there are some special cases in which loans can be deducted :

  • freelancers (self-employed workers or sole proprietorships) who apply for a loan for professional activity;
  • loans and agricultural loans ; the interest expense is deducted for a sum less than or equal to the declared agricultural income and dominical income.

Mortgages and tax deductions

Mortgages and tax deductions

The speech changes for mortgages. Here we can talk about tax deductions and save a little money. The Inland Revenue has explained that “the interest expense, the accessory charges and the revaluation quotas paid in dependence of the mortgages give the right to a deduction from the gross tax in the amount of 19%.

The deduction applies to a maximum amount of 4 thousand euros :

  • for each holder if the mortgage was stipulated before 1993
  • overall if the mortgage was stipulated after (in this case there will be the subdivision between the holders of the loan).

Which mortgages and what expenses can be deducted

Which mortgages and what expenses can be deducted

In model 730 different types of mortgages stipulated in recent years can be deducted. Here is a summary of what they are.

  • Mortgages for the purchase of the main residence (line E7)
  • Mortgage loans stipulated before 1993 for the purchase of properties other than the main residence (lines E8 to E10, code 8)
  • Loans contracted in 1997 for maintenance, restoration and renovation (lines from E8 to E10, code 9)
  • Mortgage loans contracted since 1998 for construction and renovation of the main house (lines E8 to E10, code 10)
  • Mortgages and agricultural loans (lines E8 to E10, code 11)

At the same time it is good to know what the accepted expenses are for mortgages. These are the interest expense and accessory charges paid in 2017 (we go with the cash criterion regardless of the maturity of the installment). 
Among the accessory charges must be counted:

  • Higher amounts paid due to changes in currency exchange for mortgages in other currencies
  • Brokerage commission due to credit institutions
  • Tax charges (tax for registration or cancellation of a mortgage, substitute tax on capital lent)
  • Commission for installment spread in cash loans
  • Notary fees related to the signing of the loan agreement

If the mortgage is registered to more than one person, each holder takes advantage of the tax deduction relating to his / her share of interests within the limits set by the stipulated loan. This means, therefore, that the share of interest incurred for any tax-dependent family members can not be deducted.

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Do You Know the Mortgage Life Loan? Tue, 02 Apr 2019 11:39:40 +0000

Are you a senior and have difficulties financing your projects? If you want to make a personal purchase (car, travel, etc.) or carry out work (improvement of housing, modernization), funds can sometimes be lacking. Rather than getting into debt again, and taking out a “classic” Captain Nemo, you can use the mortgage life loan. Presentation of the device. An assessment at

Mortgage life loan: get cash even at over 65!

Mortgage life loan: get cash even at over 65!

If you need cash to carry out one or more projects, and you own your home, then you can turn your real estate assets into capital or rent .

The operation of the mortgage life loan is simple. As the owner of a property (house or apartment), you receive a sum of money. This can be collected at one time (the capital) or distributed monthly (the annuity). You can use the sums as you wish,

  • You remain the owner and keep your property;
  • You have access to money without having to repay a loan.

On your death, the financial institution that granted you the loan (which paid you the money in annuity or in the form of capital) resells the property to repay.
You do not leave any burden on your heirs . They can settle the debt and keep the property, or let the bank sell.

If the amount of the sale is greater than the amount of the debt, then the heirs will receive the difference.

The mortgage life loan and its limits

The mortgage life loan and its limits

The purpose of the mortgage life loan is to facilitate access to Captain Nemo for people over 65 years of age.

Because a large majority owns their home, using it as collateral instead of death insurance is relevant.
Without conditions of resources or state of health, the mortgage life loan is however not marketed by all the banks.

This device is not a great success, and some limits were pointed out by a report submitted in 2009 by Benoist Appeared (then Secretary of State for Housing and Urban Planning): the cost of the initial operation (costs of expertise, registration fees) is high.
Worse, the ratio between the amount loaned and the real value of the property is considered “too low”. The state does not intervene in this device that the banks manage alone …

To finance your projects by being senior, you have other possibilities. You can still take out a conventional consumer loan (the 75 th anniversary is often the deadline to settle the Captain Nemos).


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Payday loan of 4000 Euro, fast and without paychecks: estimate online and calculate installment Sat, 02 Mar 2019 02:22:59 +0000


 All you need to know about 4000 euros payday loans. The characteristics of this type of fast financing that can also be requested by those who are without a paycheck. Let’s see how to request an estimate online through the website of the main banks, in order to calculate the installment and interest.

How to receive a payday loan of 4000 euros fast and without a paycheck

How to receive a payday loan of 4000 euros fast and without a paycheck

Personal loans are loans that meet all customer needs. It is in fact a perfect solution to cope with any expenses, of a more or less high amount. In this page we will deal in particular with payday loans of 4000 euros, which can be very useful for example in case you are organizing a trip or a ceremony, or if you want to buy furniture or you have to face the expenses for the studies of your child. These are just some of the most common purposes for which loans of 4000 euros are requested. In any case it is good to remember that personal loans are non-finalized loans, so they can be requested independently of the project to be implemented.

The first characteristic that is good to consider concerns the ease with which it is possible to have access to the desired credit. In the case of € 4,000 loans, since this is a not particularly large amount, a positive factor is that banks will be more favorable to granting the loan. For this reason in most cases the loan can be requested even without a paycheck, a requirement that is sometimes considered essential. To receive a € 4,000 loan, then you can be employed, retired, but also self-employed or even unemployed. In fact, there are alternative guarantees that can be presented to the credit institution to get a positive response to our request for financing.

In particular, at the time of the request it will be necessary to present a valid identity document, the health card (or social security number), and an income document. Regarding the identity documents there is little to add, except the fact that for the foreign customers the residence permit is also required. More important is instead to dwell on the income document. As with any form of financing, the ideal guarantee that we can present is the paycheck, which can be presented by employees. A similar argument can be made for pensioners, who can receive the loan of 4000 euros desired simply by submitting the last pension slip. As for self-employed workers, the document to be submitted will be the Unique Model for the declaration of income. Obviously the outcome of the request will depend very much on the income received with respect to the repayment installment to be fixed. Finally, with regard to the unemployed, the possible solution is the presentation of a guarantor, who will necessarily possess the economic requirements required to be presented instead of the beneficiary of the loan.

A further advantage of the € 4,000 loans relates to the delivery times. In fact, in most cases it takes only a few hours to get the amount of money requested on the current account. The reason for this characteristic is always the same, namely that it is a not particularly high amount. The fact that a loan is fast is a very important feature, as it makes this product perfect when you are in the situation of having to face an expense with a certain urgency. So if for example you have to go to the mechanic for a car breakdown, or if you have to deal with urgent medical expenses, the ideal solution is that of personal loans of 4000 euros. Finally, as regards the payment, you can also request to receive the money requested in cash, so you have them immediately at your disposal.

Ultranix loan of 4000 euros: free estimate online

Among the major credit institutions to which you can apply for a loan of 4000 euros we find Ultranix. The different financing options offered by the company are described in detail on the website. Among the most relevant information is emphasized for example the fact that to get the desired amount of money only takes 48 hours. A not indifferent advantage, especially if we consider the case in which we need to tackle spending with a certain urgency. In addition to the description of personal loans, the most useful service offered to us by Ultranix on its website is undoubtedly the online simulator. This tool allows us to get a free quote in a few simple clicks. In the table below we have reported the characteristics of all the options proposed by Agos for loans of 4000 euros, with the repayment installment and the interest rates Tan and Taeg applied for each of the available durations.

12 months 345.70 euros 4.92 8.96
24 months € 177.10 4.93 7.71
36 months € 120.90 4.90 7.23
48 months 92.90 euros 4.93 7.01
60 months 76.10 euros 4.93 6.86
72 months € 64.90 4.92 6.74
84 months 57.00 euros 4.95 6.69
96 months € 54.90 6.91 8.69
108 months 50.40 euros 6.94 8.66
120 months € 46.70 6.90 8.56

The duration of Ultranix loans ranges from a minimum of 12 installments up to a maximum of 120 installments. This is undoubtedly a great advantage, but it is good to consider that we are talking about a loan of 4000 euros, for which it is therefore not necessary to choose a particularly large number of installments. In fact, it is immediately clear from the table that, in order to have a rather low repayment installment, it is sufficient to fix a term of 48 months. In fact, this option corresponds to a monthly payment of € 92.90, with Tan 4.93% interest rates and 7.01% Taeg. In order to save on interest, a 24-month repayment can also be reasonable, with monthly repayment installments of 177.10 euro and Tan 4.93% interest rates and 7.71% Taeg.

Astrofinance Payday Loans 4000 euro: calculate installment and online interest

Another of the major banks that can be contacted to receive a € 4,000 loan is Astrofinance. There are several very useful services that are offered by this company to convince a clientele that is as broad as possible. In particular, on the Astrofinance website, we are presented with the Change rada and malta rada option, thanks to which we will have the possibility to change the amount of our installment or skip it in a given month, deciding to carry out the reimbursement of the amount unpaid. Also in this case we are offered the possibility to make a calculation of the installment online thanks to the appropriate calculator. To use it you will not need to register on the site and therefore we can immediately get the estimate based on the parameters chosen by us. The characteristics of the treatment offered for the different durations are shown in the table below, which can be useful to identify at a glance the option that is right for you.

18 months € 235.60 7.47 7.73
24 months 180.00 euros 7.50 7.76
30 months € 146.60 7.47 7.74
36 months 124.40 euros 7.48 7.74
42 months 108.50 euros 7.45 7.71
48 months 96.70 euros 7.49 7.75
54 months € 87.50 7.49 7.76
60 months 80.10 euros 7.47 7.73
66 months 74.10 euros 7.47 7.73
72 months € 69.10 7.46 7.72
78 months € 64.90 7.47 7.73
84 months € 61.30 7.47 7.73

Also in this case the customer has a wide choice regarding the duration of the loan. For loans of 4000 euros it is in fact possible to choose a repayment that goes from 18 to 84 months. The same argument made above is also valid for Astrofinance personal loans, since fixing an excessively high duration determines only the highest interests. An excellent solution to keep a low rate and not to pay too high interest is that which provides for a repayment in 42 installments of 108.50 euros, with interest rates Tan 7.45% and Taeg 7.71%. If you want to save on interest, even at the cost of dealing with higher rates, then the ideal solution for you is the one with minimum duration. Choosing a repayment in 18 installments the amount to be paid monthly will be equal to 235.60 euros, while the interest rates charged will be 7.47% Tan and 7.77% Taeg.

Flesh loan 4000 euros: how to request an online quote

If you are looking for a personal loan of 4000 euros you can not fail to consider the Flesh Loan. This product is offered by InDirect, company always very attentive to the needs of its customers. Suffice it to say that the loan Flesh from 4000 € may be requested at no cost to start and practice management, with the possibility to use the Exchange services and rada malta that we have already talked about earlier. Finally, after receiving the desired loan, it will always be possible to choose the early termination, at no cost or penalty. Let’s see in detail the characteristics of this form of financing, thanks to estimates for all available durations, calculated using the online simulator available on the InDirect website.

12 months 349.71 euros 8.95 10,15
18 months € 238.30 8.95 9,89
24 months 182.65 euros 8.95 9.60
30 months 149.30 euros 8.95 9.55
36 months € 127.11 8.95 9.51
42 months 111.28 euros 8.95 9.49
48 months 99.45 euros 8.95 9.47
54 months 90.26 euros 8.95 9.45
60 months 82.94 euros 8.95 9.44
66 months 76.96 euros 8.95 9.43
72 months 72.00 euros 8.95 9.43
78 months € 67.82 8.95 9.42
84 months € 64.25 8.95 9.41

The € 4000 Flesh Loan has a nominal fixed annual rate of 8.95%, so this is a rather convenient solution from this point of view. As for the duration, it is possible to choose between 12 and 84 months. As always, the choice of duration depends on the needs of the customer, who will make his choice based mainly on the amount of monthly installments. For example, if you want to save money on interest, the option we recommend is the one with a duration of 24 months, with installments of 182.65 euros and interest rates Tan 8.95% and Taeg 9.60%. If you prefer instead to complete the repayment in all serenity with light installments, then you will have to increase the duration of the loan. In any case we advise you not to exceed 60 months for repayment, given that in this case the installment will be equal to 82.94 euros and therefore decidedly affordable, while the interest rates will be Tan 8.95% and Taeg 9, 44%.



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Instant loan without credit check and KSV in Austria Mon, 14 Jan 2019 08:26:58 +0000

You need fast money in the form of a loan? Would you like to do without an audit of your credit rating? Find out now about your instant loan without credit check , interest, conditions and fees!


  • Calculate instant loan
  • Credit without credit check of the KSV
  • The Credit Protection Association (KSV) in Austria
  • How to get an instant loan without a credit check?
  • What do you have to consider when borrowing?
  • interest
  • Conditions and fees
  • What are the reasons for or against a loan without KSV?
  • Instant loan with negative credit check
  • Credit without bank

Calculate instant loan

Calculate the loan installments and interest rates online:

Sofortkredit calculator Austria

Loan amount (Euro):  
Running time: 3 months 6 months 12 months 18 months 24 Months 36 months 48 months 60 months 72 months 96 months
Interest (% pa):  

All information is without guarantee on their accuracy!
This calculation does not serve as an offer!

If you urgently need money, you can take a small loan up to 600 € !

In today’s times, which are characterized by financial crises, problems with the banks and unemployment or decline in orders at one or the other companies, one or more companies have a quicker or worse financial difficulty as a private person or even a company your own credit check is negative and you can hardly get a loan from banks.

Credit without credit check of the KSV

Get instant loan from bank employee

Nevertheless, there are acquisitions that have to be carried out easily, which are not fully funded by the existing current income. As a way out then only the way to providers, who grant a loan without KSV. Loan grants are then carried out without a credit check by the borrower as a private person or the financial status of a company is checked.





The Credit Protection Association (KSV) in Austria


Credit without credit check of the KSV

The database of the Credit Protection Association in Austria (KSV for short) is what Schufa is in Germany. The KSV in Vienna handles debt collection (debt collection) credit checks as well as insolvencies in Austria. The banks and banks in Austria receive the information about the credit applicants to check their creditworthiness from the KSV database available there.

In Austria, the rejected loan applications are reported to KSV by the banks or credit institutions. Every bank or financial institution that has affiliated itself with the KSV can see within seconds v

ia the corresponding internet platform of the KSV whether the credit interested person is classified as negative or not and thus make his decision based on this information and reject the credit request if the classification is negative.

How to get an instant loan without a credit check?

How to get an instant loan without a credit check?

The distinction of a credit without credit check (ie without KSV) and a normal bank loan is that you do not receive this loan at the house bank or other banks, but through a placement agency, which with various banks, which are also partly abroad , works together.

Even with a credit without credit check you have to fill out some forms. The prospective borrower should demonstrate a regular income because even the bank or organization that does not check creditworthiness with the prospective borrower expects the loan to be repaid.

If borrowing seems easier with this approach, then the borrower should also be aware that he has to repay that debt and that the loan installment, which he then pays back monthly, has a level he can handle.

If you urgently need money, you can take a small loan up to 600 € !

What do you have to consider when borrowing?

What do you have to consider when borrowing?

Especially in the field of credit brokerage, there are a variety of black sheep. It is therefore of great importance that the relevant agency does not require the potential borrower to pay in advance some hundred-euro loan processing fees.

Such behavior often indicates a dubious offer. In these cases, then the already committed credit is withdrawn and the customer has paid the payment of the processing fee in vain. Therefore one should refrain from such offers immediately.







It is also important to inform yourself in advance about the interest currently available on the market, because the interest rates for loans without a credit check (often without KSV) are often determined arbitrarily and without being oriented to the market.

However, the bank or agency responsible for the loan is not bound by the rates of the European Central Bank, but the interest rate offered should be close to the current interest rate and not overly high.



Conditions and fees

Conditions and fees

As for the processing fee or any commission to be paid, you should ask their amount in advance of the loan request and then check the amount offered. If excessive sums are required here, it is better to ask for more offers. There are considerable differences between agencies. Some agencies do not charge fees because the agency receives the fees from the lending bank.

It also makes sense to include in the credit agreement the possibility of one-time payment. As a result, the borrower also has the opportunity to reduce the term and thus also the interest payments.

The agencies for the credit brokerage of loans without credit check (without KSV) list on the web pages also the column “FAQs”. Thus, the potential borrower can obtain information here before the conclusion of the loan agreement and take the questions there and their answers as advance information.

What are the reasons for or against a loan without KSV?

What are the reasons for or against a loan without KSV?

Such a decision for or against a credit without credit check should be considered well in advance.

Although the payment morale or creditworthiness of the borrower is not reviewed in advance, regular repayments are expected from the lending bank . It can and will actually take the same steps if the installments fail, as a principal bank will do with a normal loan. Reminders, court costs and garnishments also arise here if the installments are not paid as agreed or not paid at all.

It should be clear on its own financial options, what can be paid, and what sum is left at the end of the month and how the repayment should work in such periods, if more expenses incurred or the income is lower. If such a decision is reasonably well-calculated, a credit-free credit check can be a reasonable alternative to bridge financially difficult times.

It is also important to be aware before borrowing about what kind of collateral can be given to the prospective lender. Also of importance for the monthly loan installment is to have an overview of the monthly incomes and expenses. Also, one should then not set the loan rate too narrow to cover any unforeseen expenses.

Instant loan with negative credit check

Instant loan with negative credit check

If the credit check on the KSV in Austria turns out to be negative, there is hardly any chance of obtaining a loan from the bank. For this reason, many borrowers are increasingly resorting to direct banks that do not conduct credit checks. But even that is usually not possible. The bank must ensure that the installments and thus the full amount can be repaid at the end of the term with interest.





Credit without bank

Credit without bank

If you are looking for a loan without a bank, you can turn to so-called direct banks online. This usually means faster processing and execution of loan applications. Especially with low credit amounts, these applications are processed in a few minutes.

If you are looking for a loan up to a maximum of 600 euros, you will find here one of the best providers: to the direct bank !

Incidentally, in Germany online credit without a credit check is called ” loans without Schufa “. Find out here about your instant loan without income proof for the unemployed in Austria! More information about your instant loan in Austria with credit check and income test can be found here!

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