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Mision Y Vision De Ray BanThe victim immediately recognized the suspect was Korean, and asked him in Korean if he was lost. Suspect said, "Yes" in English and fled through the front door. The victim discovered her credit card was missing from the desk.. And if you suppose that this is a great trouble for her, you are are mistaken. Another woman, Donna Simpson, is dreaming to break this record. This moment her weight is about 285 kg; she is eating 12000 kcal a day and believes that she will get a essential weight by 2012.. Has your week been busy? My week has not been too busy but I have learned a few things. For example, we're learning about the circulation system in humans. In addition to that, we're preparing for a small science display for Science Night on March 18. Weekly total incapacity benefits under Section 34 are specified in Section 10 (1) (c) as benefits that may be supplemented under a collective bargaining agreement. The arbitrator interpretation of Article 12 C of the collective bargaining agreement is that employees are entitled to receive pay for the period between a job related injury and receipt workers compensation payments without being required to use five days of accumulated sick time. As interpreted by the arbitrator, this part of the collective bargaining agreement provides a benefit to the injured employee that directly supplements the Section 34 weekly total incapacity benefits. The second round of the competition consists of a 25 word written test that determines which students advance to the final rounds on Thursday. Spellers advance to the third round based on the number of words they spell correctly on the written test. At least 80 spellers will advance to the final rounds. Bob HoffmasterBob NelsonWade BatesSports On AirKFIZ SportsKFIZ SportsA 62 year old Salinas,California truck driver died after his semi rolled over after being hit by a car at the intersection of County Highway F and Highway 175 south of Fond du Lac Monday morning. Near Eden. The semi driver was heading east on County Highway F and failed to stop at a stop sign and traveled into the intersection where his truck was hit by a car that was northbound on Highway 175. Team will have a former NHLer playing on their team, said Beth Pero, event officer with Easter Seals Ontario. People have that dream of playing in the NHL. Own Doug Gilmour has lent his name and time to this event. After a contentious, hour long discussion,a bill that would outlaw abortions in Tennessee after a heartbeat is detected has been delayed another week thanks to legislative technicalities.Lawmakers pushed the bill sponsored by Rep. Micah Van Huss, R Jonesborough, backanother week in the House Health Subcommittee after an amendment was not filed in a timely manner.In an odd turn of events, pro life group Tennessee Right to Life's president Brian Harris testified against the bill in front of the subcommittee, warning that the law would be found unconstitutional and would strengthen judges and their ability to strike down other abortion related laws in the future."Running legislation that is documented to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court is not a good use of our time," Harris said.Rep. John Ray Clemmons, D Nashville, grilled Van Huss on the bill and had to be called to order three separate times.

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