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Stress balls make novel gifts, companies usually give away items such as pens or mugs, stress ball is a useful item but it is not given away as frequently as the other gifts. Corporations can order custom stress balls and hand them over to their customers, employees and other business associates. 

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Giving away stress balls to customers is a great idea in this age and time everyone is under pressure that leads to a lot of stress, a stress ball is something that everyone needs. Many people keep it on their desk and make use of it frequently even while they are in a meeting with their associates they tend to make use of the stress ball. It does relieve stress people tend to use it very often, squeezing the ball feels good, and it gives the person some sense of relief.

People talk to a hundreds of people everyday, they receive emails, they hold meetings, they go out to seminars at the end of the day everyone knows they have targets to meet, they have peers to report to, they are accountable for the decisions that they make. People in office make all kinds of decisions everyday some of them are easy but some of them are really challenging, everyday someone has to do something that they would never want to do, something that they would want to avoid many people do not like the idea of telling people they have to let them go but they just have to do it because it is a part of their job. Many office assistants handle a lot of paperwork everyday, they need to file thousands of papers, it is a never-ending task and it is stressful. Line managers delegate task to their team members and report to their managers, sometimes they need to tell their boss why they did not manage to complete their assignment. Financial controllers take care of numbers, they need to show the right results in the financial reports and they are accountable to the board of directors. The Chief Executive Officers need meet many people and widen their network they need to take important decisions that have an impact on the company's operations and those that have an impact on the benefits of the employees. In this time and age everyone is under stress and a stress ball is something that goes well on any desk, everyone would make use of it, everyone needs something that they can vent out on and a stress ball is just the right item.

Companies that plan to give out stress balls can have them designed in any print and colors, they can have their names and logos printed on the ball, they can have it colored in their traditional corporate colors that represent the company or they can choose any other theme.

Many companies just prefer to have the ball colored in yellow and have a smiley face printed on it, the typical smile on the stress ball looks really good, a smile is what those under pressure need, and it goes well with the custom stress ball.